6 Motivating Study Spots in Newcastle that Don’t Include the Library

As a student it is very important to allow yourself lifestyle in what can feel like endless waves of study. This is because they are endless. They will last for four years, then the challenge is finding a job, beginning the job, getting old, remaining cool. Your life isn’t going to ‘start’ after uni, it already has and now is the time to begin living day-to-day in a way that makes your life remarkable.

That’s actually a pretty great philosophical starter, but not for this post. If you’re at uni, tafe or college you’ll know study can feel all consuming for at least 20 weeks of the year. But why can’t we make it fun? Why do we always have to study in the library? Below I have pitched 6 of the latest spots I have found myself relaxing and comfortable, and in turn fully engaged in the grit of Physio’s basics. I intend to add to this list as I continue to branch out. They’re in no particular order. Balanced by a healthy set of discipline and application this has got to be the best way to do uni.

Walk or ride between spots for some exercise breaks!

Category 1 – cafes for a caffeine conterpart and wifi workability

1. Blue Door – In comparison to the public servant medium that is Canberra’s CBD, Newcastle City utilises their central spaces as a communal work zone for the immense array of industry, business and young adult life that makes the town buzz in its sweet melody. Blue Door is the very heart of this zone and thus shows fully the rich diversity among its clientel. The building has history, the staff are superb and the wifi runs freely. Whip out a laptop, grab a coffee and begin your journey to education.

2. OnePennyBlack – Hunter St confused me very much when I was first fresh to the spot. Half the shops are for the day, a quarter for night and the rest not really sure what they’re doing, making a perpetually so-close-to-happening arcade. But, it is the discovery of places…gems…. like OnePennyBlack and Doughheads next to them, the skate shop up the street, the Emporium, the growers markets on the pavement and the views up each alley that makes you realise the place is rich and full of the honour of being a local. OnePenny is the best coffee I have had full-stop ever, and I have tried a lot of coffee, and the CityFree wifi or TelstraFree powers those uni lecture slides like none other, from your seat.

3. The Wharf Shop – It is amazing how at home I feel among tourists. Maybe it’s because they are universally the same and maybe that means among them you can feel like you’re anywhere. Maybe it’s because they see the place you are just chilling in as a wonderous new adventure. Either way I feel inspired by selfie sticks and subjectively overzealous excitment at buildings that are probably just toilet blocks. The tourist trade hangs off the Honeysuckle East end, but that is definitey not to say that the locals don’t love it too. This cafe does an excellent brownie and coffee and will give a particularly wonderous sense of inspiration if you empathise with anything I’ve just rambled.  The city wifi goes ‘alright’ here.


Category 2 – Suns out You’re out
1. Honeysuckle Foreshore coloured chair space near the Info Centre – The Honeysuckle restraunt strip down by Silo and James Squire is a happening local spot frequented by celebration and relaxation. The Info Centre has set up a neat seating zone where you can watch the huge boats come in and out and nail those 3000words essays. Honeysuckle Free WIFI is the one for you.

2. Grass anywhere between Sixth Degree and the official, boat-looking builidng at Nobby’s – Lying on the grass with Nobby’s over the hill, Customs Tower nearby and the water right there is as comfortable and lovely as it gets. Ride there for some fun and veg out. I picnic with lunch regularly and lye down listening to lectures. Not great wifi.

3. Beaches and/or their carparks – The beach is obviously the most awe inspiring place ever for a girl from Canberra, but the wind can be a downer on lecture notes and text books. This was incredibly important for me to make work so I turned to reversing my hatchback car up to a foreshore; Bar Beach, Merewhether, Strezlecki’s Look Out, and sitting in the back. It’s an all round great study spot.  Add pillows and a camping mat and it’s comfy too! No wifi at these places.

Enjoy your studies!

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