200 Words or Less Autobiography

Canberran, 1 house, 19 yrs
’95-’14: family of love and adventure grew passion for pursuit; saw Australia; did; tried; camped; pursuit of how

2011: a school of experiences! skills; leading; fun; deep friendship; discovery of what’s possible with pursuit

2012: questions; logic; depression; family’s love;   good teachers; more skills; passions directed; pursuit of why

2013: Jesus; purpose; car; greater horizons; learnt to open own doors; engine mounts and a father’s heart; a mother’s grace

2014: worlds away deepened traveling sisters’ empathy; wonder ignited; responsibilities, capabilities, opportunities; pursuit of what and when

Newcastle, 2 houses, 20th year
2015: wonder fuelled discovery; a profession built for me; a town after my own heart; kindred spirits everywhere; a church with equal and individual wonder and passion for pursuit;  more responsibilities, more capabilities, one from the other; opening doors; opportunity; value of family resonating with loss and distance; loneliness; god’s presence; rest, activity, the two go together with God; beach; coffee

Schools 0.5km, 1.5km, 10.5km, 13.5km and then 550km from home

All this to form the fundemental principles of me
– Sometimes our things and places can adapt with us and sometimes the next place or thing is what the old thing was always leading to.

– Capability and opportunity are not what you’ve been given, they’re what you seek out and what you fight head and guts for.

– “11th Commandment: thou shalt bash on” – Margaret Stant

– “May we never lose our wonder” – Bethel

– “In all my years I’ve never met a person who wasn’t important.” – DW

– If there isn’t a God, I am nothing. If there is, that changes everything.  And His love is too tangible and this rest in chaos too serene for the first to be true. My logical brain can no longer deny it.

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